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Now is the best time to get help for your addiction. I have know lots of Heroin addicts in my lifetime due to the work I do, and I can honestly say I have never met a Heroin addict who wants to be addicted to Heroin. The pain, the anguish, the constant battle to obtain their drugs. I have also seen the pain and pitfalls of addiction first hand, and what it does to the addict, their family and their loved ones. I know how the drug taking has taken over their life, and the struggle of getting money, waiting around, sometimes for hours, for their dealer to turn up etc. Ironically, the drug taking only takes a few minutes. Its the getting the money, the waiting around etc that takes all the time. The reason I mention this is to give families and friends a better understanding of what is going on. Its not fun for the addict, and most addicts are sadly stuck in a life they have no idea how to get out of. Yes we all know addicts are flippant with the truth, but do take on board this is not the person but the drug which is causing this problem. Underneath it all, your family member or loved one is still there. They are being masked by Heroin. They need to get out of this cloud!

If you have reached a stage in your life where you, or a loved one would like help for your Heroin addiction, then there has never been a better time to do it. And if you have got to the stage where you are reading this website, then I believe you must be ready to get help. Private drug and alcohol rehab use to be for the very wealthy, but I am very glad to say, things have definitely changed nowadays. There have been lots of rehab centres spring up all over the country, some good, some not so good, which has driven the prices right down. But there is a catch. You need to know which are the good ones, and which are the ones to steer clear of. This is where we can help you.

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There is funding available providing the client can show massive signs of wanting to give up. So getting a family member to call for funding is NOT showing any signs of giving up! Funding is limited, and their is no point funding a client who is in two minds, or doesn’t like the system, or thinks they are ready to give up for good. I have always found that most clients thing their detox is going to be really painful etc. Well done in a medically safe way, it is fine.

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We mainly offer the most affordable treatment available, and only offer the treatment which works. We have centres we deal with on a day to day basis who are very affordable and have a very high long term success rate. Call our team now to discuss your options, and get a better knowledge of what is really out there. Our number is 0845 3881 543 or mobiles are better calling 07811 606 606.